Wagyu Beef – The best beef you will ever taste!

About 6 months ago, I discovered a new butcher in Goochland, Virginia, Nadolski’s.  Since then, I have learned more about meat and have experienced some of the best tasting, tender meat ever.  Jon sends out a newsletter via email about every week or so.  

In one of these emails he featured some Dry Aged NY Strips.  Even though, I considered myself fairly knowledgeable about meat, I had no idea about Dry Aged Beef.  I purchased a couple and found them to be much more flavorful than beef I was used to purchasing from the grocery store.  However, I have never been a fan of NY Strips.  I much prefer Ribeyes.  

A week or two later he featured some Wagyu Dry Aged Tomahawk Ribeyes.  So I decided to venture into Dry Aged beef once more.  Now before you go searching for Wagyu steaks, you should know they are very expensive.  I cooked two last evening and the two 30oz steaks cost me $126.00.  However, this easily fed four adults with leftovers.  If you search the internet for Wagyu beef, you will realize my butcher is very reasonable with his pricing.  I would suggest checking with a local butcher to see if they can order the steaks for you rather than try over the internet.

When I cook filets or normal ribeyes, I usually use a marinade called Dales.  However, after doing a little research on the best way to cook Wagyus, I decided to just season them with Kosher Salt and fresh ground Black Pepper.  I pan sear them then finish in the oven or to the top rack of the grill for indirect heat to cook to medium rare.  I have only cooked them on the grill once.  Many articles on the internet recommend against it since the steaks will essentially pour melting fat into the fire causing flare ups.  I seared mine on a cast iron griddle placed on the grill and allowed to get to a high temperature.  Then I placed the steaks on the top rack of the grill to finish cooking.

With what these steaks cost, I only cook them occasionally.  But, when I do it’s quite a treat!

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