2015 Suburban MyLink video from and SD Card

A few months ago I purchased a new 2015 Suburban with the MyLink system. The truck has two SD card slots. One in the front console and one in the rear console.

The Manual states that you can put music and videos on the SD cards and play them on the entertainment center. The driver screen will play BluRays and DVDs when the truck is in Park. Otherwise the video only shows on the back screens which is logical. For several months I have been trying to get video to play from the SD Card. I have tried many formats yet every time I search for videos on the SD card, it tells me there are none found.

Today I tried putting the SD card with videos on it in the back SD slot and then played them from the rear screens. It finally worked. I have no idea why the front screen won’t play videos from the SD card while in Park but it will not. I spent a great deal of time searching the Internet for an answer to this so I thought I would post this now that I have figured it out.


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